Basic Support

Basic support is the foundation of the school that all students and teachers can use, designed to promote student development in one continuous line. Together with school boards, we believe it is important to maintain a continued focus on supporting schools and strengthening basic support, especially in these times. By doing so, we promote that more and more students can attend regular education in their own neighborhood, together with other children from the neighborhood.

Basic support is the extra help the school itself can give to students who need it. This ranges from help for students with behavioral problems and offerings for children with dyslexia to adapted furniture for students with physical disabilities. By basic support, we also mean that as a school you match the offerings to the population of your neighborhood. So the offerings may vary by district or school.

The quality of basic support is the responsibility of the school board. The Education Inspectorate monitors this. SPPOH facilitates and wants to be an expert and reliable cooperation partner for schools and boards. Each school receives a sum of money from the partnership to shape basic support. The amount of this amount is set annually in the facilitation scheme.

We have mutually agreed in our partnership to work in an action-oriented manner (HGW). It is the foundation of basic support and is one of the four components of basic support. These components are:

– Basic Quality (Education Inspectorate);
– A high-quality support structure;
Treatment-oriented work;
– Preventive- and mild curative interventions.