Team and organization

The team of SPPOH consists of over thirty professionals, each of whom has a great involvement in education from their own background.


Advisors on appropriate education

The advisors on appropriate and inclusive education bridge the gap between the schools and SPPOH. They think about appropriate and inclusive education at the school level, group level and individual level. The advisor’s responsibilities include the allocation of arrangements and the process of admissibility determinations.

Policy advisors and orthopedagogues

The policy advisors/educators help draft SPPOH’s policies. They conduct research and organize structural forms of cooperation with partners, such as youth aid and school social work. They also provide expert advice when applying for a certificate of admissibility (TLV) and lead projects on specific topics, such as giftedness.

Operations Department

The operations department ensures that everything in the SPPOH organization runs smoothly.

Management team

All of this is under the direction of the management team, with a chief executive officer as the person ultimately responsible.