Additional support

Extra support occurs when a student needs more support than can be provided within the school’s basic support. Within our partnership we have two forms of extra support: the use of an arrangement at an elementary school or a referral to a school for special primary education or special education (with TLV). A developmental perspective plan (OPP) is used when additional support is deployed. We base this on the school’s own documents. Formats can also be found on the SPPOH website.

For extra support, we use the following principles:

  1. The child and his/her educational needs are the focus (support needs of the teacher and parents may be part of the plan).
  2. We work in an action-oriented manner at all schools, moving from overview, through insight to view (Pameijer 2017).
  3. The school board is responsible for providing appropriate education, the elementary school organizes and has the direction, SPPOH facilitates.
  4. Parent(s)/caregiver(s), student and professionals work together as partners in shaping appropriate support in an MDO.
  5. A developmental perspective plan is created for students who need additional support.

Arranging Extra Support
At all schools we work in an action-oriented way. In shaping extra support, we work in four phases. Based on what has been used previously (overview), it is determined if enough is known about the student to determine an outflow destination and goals (insight). Based on the exit destination and goals set by the teacher and/or internal supervisor, educational needs are formulated (view). Based on this, the school can determine to what extent it can meet this within the basic support or whether additional support must be deployed.