Appropriate education

Appropriate education is about good education for all students. Together with schools and school boards, SPPOH is responsible for a covering supply for pupils aged 4 through 12.

Most students attend a regular elementary school and receive instruction within the school’s basic support system. The school board and the schools themselves are responsible for its implementation. The school boards within SPPOH have agreed on what basic support means.

Some students need more; they receive extra support. Again, for most students, this is done at their own regular school. Sometimes the school shapes this itself, sometimes it does so with the help of the partnership.

A small percentage of students receive the most intensive form of extra support, for them a school for special primary or special education is the most appropriate place.


  • Read our Support Plan 2021-2025, in which we describe how we plan to achieve our goals over a four-year period.
  • Read our 2023-2024 Annual Plan, which describes how we are working on this within the one school year time frame.