Special (primary) education referral

Sometimes the support the elementary school puts in place is not enough to provide a student with what he or she needs. A follow-up option may then be to explore whether a specialized educational setting better meets the educational needs. There are two options for this: special elementary education and special education.


Placement at these schools requires an admission statement – required by law – from the partnership. In order to determine whether a student qualifies for an eligibility statement, SPPOH has established the following criteria: A pupil is eligible for SO or SBO if:

  • The student’s educational needs exceed the current school’s basic support;
  • The use of extra support cannot adequately meet the needs of the student, teacher or parents;
  • The above is demonstrated through documentation (in an OPP);
  • The student’s educational needs were discussed in a multidisciplinary consultation that included the school, parents, appropriate education advisor and the potential s(b)o school;
  • Based on the student’s educational needs, the school profile that is the best fit was considered. This substantiated the type of school and described which SBO or SO school could best meet the student’s needs. They also substantiate the duration of the TLV and, if necessary, the funding category.