Together with the school boards and their schools in The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk, we have the task of shaping appropriate education for all pupils in Haaglanden. Together we form the partnership in which we cooperate not only with each other, but also with other parties we need for the realization of more inclusive education, such as youth aid and social work. Together we provide appropriate and as inclusive as possible education for students in Haaglanden.

Our mission is therefore:


We believe in the strength of each individual elementary school. By joining forces, together we are better able to achieve inclusive and appropriate education. We also believe in the power of collaboration: we work together in learning networks and we encourage innovation. We strengthen collaboration with youth aid and other organizations to achieve appropriate offerings.

For us, appropriate means: regular if possible (with extra support if necessary) and special if necessary. The partnership facilitates, the school directs.

Resources are used efficiently and effectively to maximize the effectiveness of appropriate education provision, and to ensure the most inclusive education possible in district schools.


We are going to take a step-by-step, school-by-school look at what it takes to make education more inclusive, for example by strengthening collaboration in the school with youth services. Or by exploring ways in which young children with complex support needs can get a good start in regular education. We as a partnership can help with that as well, indeed, we already do plenty.

Irene van Harten, director-director SPPOH